Maison Guigal

“Over and above the cultural and patrimonial aspects, all the attention which goes into each stage of the winemaking process is focussed on bringing intense, sometimes unexpected, pleasure. A great wine should be enjoyed and shared in good company and if it arouses passion and emotion then this wine from the Maison GUIGAL will have achieved its true meaning”

Philippe Guigal

The Vineyards

the heritage of vineyards thousands of years old

Château d'ampuis

the jewel in a crown of vines


“Philippe, think of your grandfather who poured all his passion into the 67 vintages he made.”

“As a child, you used to love following him when he went down into the cellar every day with his pipette and glass in your hand. He would wander around the barrels and bottles looking at them with such fondness; objects untainted by life’s troubles, by sadness, boredom and even by time itself.

He loved to share the emotions and pleasure of wine tasting with as many people as possible. Your amazing grandfather smiled as he surveyed all of these bottles and you used to think, ‘how he loves his cellar!’ But no, my son, it was us whom he loved, because this dear man knew that he himself would never drink these rare wines which were made to mature over a long period of time” Marcel Guigal

A family history

Land with 24 centuries of history behind it, worked and preserved by three generations of winemakers with family values at their core and a commitment to an illustrious terrain that produces prestigious wines. This, in a nutshell, is the Maison Guigal. Right from the beginning the motto, “No Pains No Gains” underpins the promise made to Etienne Guigal. A commitment to work together to follow in his footsteps, to communicate the family’s passion and create so many emotions. Today, Marcel and Philippe, along with their wives, are the guardians of this exceptional domain which combines history, devotion and a sense of togetherness. A breath of inspiration for generations to come.


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